Damian Jacobs

Co-Owner, Managing Director, Trainer



Born and raised in Wellington, Damian has grown up well immersed in the sporting scene. He has represented Wellington in various sports such as rugby union, touch and softball from a very young age. After travelling for a few years and playing rugby in the UK, Damian came home to gain his proudest sporting achievement thus far – selection for the New Zealand Touch team.

Damian’s vocational background is in construction and concrete placing. After a back injury in 2010, he turned to SWET for rehabilitation and training which got him back on his feet and in the best shape of his life. A true believer in the SWET product, Damian joined forces with childhood friend Sammy to start his new career path in the fitness industry and has never turned back. In August 2014, the dream of SWET having its own permanent location was brought to life by Sammy and Damian and the SWET Group Fitness Training Studio was opened.

Damian thrives in group training environments and loves to encourage his team and clients to share that positive motivation with each other. It is this positivity that helps to create the fun and family-like culture that SWET is well known for.

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