Ricky Belmont




Ricky takes a holistic approach to his training. He focuses on whole person wellness, incorporating both physical and mental growth; all while continuing to strive for that well-balanced lifestyle. Through experience, Ricky has learned that balanced living provides you with a better outlook on life so you’re more prepared to tackle those goals.

Ricky’s style of training comes from his extensive background in individual sport. Ricky has excelled as an Amateur Boxer and from this has also learned the importance of self-reliance.

In more recent years, Ricky has applied methods of power-lifting to become a Strength Athlete and has vast knowledge in this area also.

Ricky Specialises in:
– Strength and Conditioning
– High Performance for Athletes and
– Fixing Postural Imbalances

Qualifications and Milestones:
2015: Strength and Conditioning Coach for a Commonwealth Athlete
2014: New Zealand Institute of Sport
– Level 6 Diploma in Advanced Exercise Prescription
– Certificate in Personal Training
2011: Dragon Boating Nationals/Regional – Gold
2010: Dragon Boating Nationals/Regional – Bronze

Ricky is extremely welcoming and approachable. He is always ready to strike up a conversation too, so if you see him around the studio, throw some banter his way!

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