13 November 2018

Media Release – Does Your PT Know Their Stuff?

From: NZ Register of Exercise Professionals


Does Your PT Know Their Stuff?

It’s heading into the warmer months, which for many comes with the threat of summer clothing, and the desire to be as fit as possible for holiday activities.


The proliferation of online media, blogs and information means getting advice and ideas on exercising is more available than ever before. However, whether in the online space, or with a local trainer, just because someone tells you they know what they are doing, doesn’t mean they have the experience or qualifications to back up that advice.


When you get sick or need medical advice, you head to your doctor knowing that they have been through checks of their qualifications, as they are not able to practice in NZ without registration. You cannot assume this when you get advice on exercising. Not all personal trainers and instructors are equal. In fact anyone can claim to be an expert in health and fitness regardless of whether they have qualifications and knowledge, or none at all.


When it comes to exercising and physical activity, everyone comes with unique circumstances and factors, including their health and injury history. That means when it comes to putting exercise intentions into action, getting the right information is crucial to set you up on the right track, and also to avoid injury problems that will slow you down.


A person who sets you up with exercise and lifestyle plans can add years to your life, help prevent an array of lifestyle diseases, and contribute to both mental and physical health and wellness. But in order to do these things they should know what they are talking about.


Choosing health through regular exercise is absolutely the right choice to make, just make sure you get the right advice from an expert.


Here are the things to think about before you get started

Are they qualified?

A trained exercise professional will have completed a qualification in exercise and health related study. In order to give you the right exercise advice your trainer or instructor needs to know how the human body works, and what can be done to prevent injury. While what you look like on the outside may motivate you to exercise, your exercise professional needs to know what’s going on inside your body to get good results for you safely.

An unqualified person will take the latest fitness fad and get you to follow it blindly. A professional who knows their stuff will be able to create an appropriate and safe exercise programme for you.


Is your trainer or instructor up to date?

Exercise is a science and developments are continuing, resulting in changes in the types of exercises we do and how we do them. If your trainer or instructor does not stay up to date by reading widely, attending workshops and up skilling their knowledge, then the exercises you are doing may be out of date, ineffective or just dangerous.


How do I find a qualified exercise professional?

It’s actually quite easy to choose a qualified and up to date trainer or instructor. While we don’t have compulsory registration requirements in NZ, we do have REPs, the New Zealand Register of Exercise Professionals. Registration with REPs is the recognised standard for exercise professionals to ensure safe and effective exercise advice for New Zealanders.


Exercise facilities and studios also register with REPs, undertaking to only use registered exercise professionals that are qualified, up to date, and who agree to a set of professionals ethics in the work they perform.


So by choosing a REPs registered exercise professional or facility you are making the right choice. It’s easy to find out whether someone is registered by just heading to and use the search function.



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