Tough Guy & Gal Challenge

When: Saturday 25 May 2019Time: 11:00 am startWhere: Camp Wainui, 203 Coast Road, Wainuiomata, Lower Hutt Current price: $67.50 per person  Just a quick reminder that we are just over a month away from Tough Guy and Gal 2019 and you know we never turn down an...

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Lacking a Good Night’s Sleep?

19 March 2019Media Release – Lacking a Good Night’s Sleep? From: NZ Register of Exercise Professionals Sleep is an important part of looking after our health; we simply can’t function and beproductive without the right amount of rest. In the short term a lack of sleep...

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  • Sam Apu’ula

  • Damian Jacobs

  • Ricky Belmont

  • Natasha Jacobs

  • Izaac O’Hara

  • Karanama Peita

  • Arna Scott

Sam Apu’ula

Founder, Co-Owner, Managing Director, Head Trainer

Sam is a highly experienced and passionate fitness trainer who specialises in group training. His experience in the fitness industry is vast and spans over more than a decade. His qualifications were gained from The New Zealand Institute of Sport and his career initially started with Les Mills where he was a personal trainer and had the opportunity to work with lots of different people from many varied backgrounds. His passion for group fitness training became apparent almost immediately as a certified team instructor of many different modules such as Bootcamp, Spartan, Fit45 and Team Training. He has also been involved in team sports training having been a fitness trainer for the Randwick Kingfisher’s Women’s Rugby League Club for 3 years and has a keen interest in fundamental movement and exercise for pre-school children that he currently is involved in with a local daycare facility.

Through a lot of trial and error and utilising his skills and experience in different training styles, Sam has been able to develop a unique style of group training which is fun but most importantly very challenging and constantly changing. The atmosphere is always positive and participant satisfaction is high.

Damian Jacobs

Co-Owner, Managing Director, Trainer

Born and raised in Wellington, Damian has grown up well immersed in the sporting scene. He has represented Wellington in various sports such as rugby union, touch and softball from a very young age. After travelling for a few years and playing rugby in the UK, Damian came home to gain his proudest sporting achievement thus far – selection for the New Zealand Touch team.

Damian’s vocational background is in construction and concrete placing. After a back injury in 2010, he turned to SWET for rehabilitation and training which got him back on his feet and in the best shape of his life. A true believer in the SWET product, Damian joined forces with childhood friend Sammy to start his new career path in the fitness industry and has never turned back. In August 2014, the dream of SWET having its own permanent location was brought to life by Sammy and Damian and the SWET Group Fitness Training Studio was opened.

Damian thrives in group training environments and loves to encourage his team and clients to share that positive motivation with each other. It is this positivity that helps to create the fun and family-like culture that SWET is well known for.

Ricky Belmont


Ricky takes a holistic approach to his training. He focuses on whole person wellness, incorporating both physical and mental growth; all while continuing to strive for that well-balanced lifestyle. Through experience, Ricky has learned that balanced living provides you with a better outlook on life so you’re more prepared to tackle those goals.

Ricky’s style of training comes from his extensive background in individual sport. Ricky has excelled as an Amateur Boxer and from this has also learned the importance of self-reliance.

In more recent years, Ricky has applied methods of power-lifting to become a Strength Athlete and has vast knowledge in this area also.

Ricky Specialises in:
– Strength and Conditioning
– High Performance for Athletes and
– Fixing Postural Imbalances

Qualifications and Milestones:
2015: Strength and Conditioning Coach for a Commonwealth Athlete
2014: New Zealand Institute of Sport
– Level 6 Diploma in Advanced Exercise Prescription
– Certificate in Personal Training
2011: Dragon Boating Nationals/Regional – Gold
2010: Dragon Boating Nationals/Regional – Bronze

Ricky is extremely welcoming and approachable. He is always ready to strike up a conversation too, so if you see him around the studio, throw some banter his way!

Natasha Jacobs


Natasha (Tash) began her SWET journey in 2010. After recovering from an anterior cruciate ligament repair, she turned to Sam’s SWET sessions for guidance on her road back to playing sport at an elite level. Since that first class, she hasn’t looked back.  Tash has first-hand experience in knowing what it takes to rebuild all fitness foundations. Not only has she recovered from other various injuries and further surgical repairs, she has only recently returned to SWET after having her first child in September 2017.

Tash is the wife of SWET’s co-director/owner, Damian Jacobs and is also part of the team that helps to manage and run SWET. Her core belief and biggest motivation behind her passion for exercise is knowing that when people stay active through fitness, strength, and mobility, they then have the tools to live happier lives both mentally, physically and spiritually. She loves that SWET is a place where individuals of all fitness levels can come together under one roof to work out. She thrives on the team environment in classes and believes that everyone has the right to participate and gain a love and confidence for exercise. Inspired each day by our members, Tash says one of the greatest things about being a trainer is when you see people “just giving things a go”.

From a young age, Tash has always been and continues to be highly involved in the sporting community and has an impressive background in competitive netball and swimming. When she is not at SWET, you can find her coaching and managing sports teams around the  Wellington region. In her spare time she loves the outdoors and sunshine, enjoying delicious food, travel and spending time with her family.

Tash specialises in:

– functional movement

– strength

– elite fitness

– classes for new parents, particularly new mothers

– netball coaching

– swimming coaching

Izaac O’Hara


Izaac’s discipline, consistency and hard work in training and exercise enabled him to play sport at national and international levels. His philosophy is that mentality is key. He has always put his mind to achieving his goals at the highest standard possible and this certainly rubs off on anyone he trains as well.

Izaac specialises in strength and conditioning, sport specific training, speed and agility and weight loss. His qualifications include a certificate in Exercise Science and he is also an NZ REPs registered personal trainer

Izaac’s sporting achievements:

  • New Zealand Men’s Futsal Whites in Fiji ( Bronze medal) – Wellington Men’s Futsal team 2009 – present
  • Wellington Youth Futsal Team 2012
  • Invitational New Zealand Football UK Tour 2011

Karanama Peita


Kara is a highly energetic young trainer who has a high regard for group Training.

Kara’s Fitness background stemmed from Maori Performing arts, Kapahaka and Te whare tu taua ( Maori weaponry).

He is highly involved in Touch Rugby and Rugby League. Kara has represented the Horowhenua Kapiti, Manawatu and Wellington regions in these sports. Kara is a graduate of the New Zealand institute of sport where he gained his Certification in Personal training (2015).

Over the years, Kara has remained in close contact with the SWET Team and has supported SWET in many events that they have been involved with.

Kara has been building his Group and Personal Trainer skills through Bootcamps Wellington, Corefitness Wellington, Ktpfit and More Recently Les mills. What makes Kara unique to other trainers is his ability to train and converse in Te reo Maori ( Maori Language).

Kara’s high energetic personality, constant smile and love for health and fitness makes him very approachable. He is very excited to be amongst the SWET Family and join our Team.

  • Kara specialises in:

  • Strength Training

  • Group fitness

  • Weight loss

  • Training in Te Reo Maori

Arna Scott


I am originally from Hawkes Bay where I grew up as a massive Tom Boy on an Orchard. I played competitive Hockey for 9 Years representing Hawkes Bay and making the NZ Under 18’s academy squad. I moved to Wellington 7 years ago to study Fashion Design and Technology but I found my true passion was in the fitness industry and went on to study to become a Personal Trainer.

My partner loves when ever someone asks me what made me want to be a personal Trainer as he was the one that put it into my head. A light bulb went off and I have never been so sure and excited about something.

I have grown up with sports and exercise being a huge part of my life but when moving to Wellington and giving up Hockey I lost my Mojo. To be honest SWET gave me my passion back. When I walked through those doors almost 3 years ago now I fell in love with it again. I guess for me it’s about sharing that passion, and helping people enjoy exercise and the benefits that come with it.

I am excited to be a part of such an amazing team. Both trainers and members are so inspiring, encouraging and positive. I am excited to learn and develop my skills, but most importantly I am excited to share the same experience I got when I first walked into SWET.  I hope I can inspire other members to fall in love with exercise as much as I did.


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