4-8 circuit stations
Circuit classes with 4-8 working stations. Perfect for those that are getting back into exercise again. We strip the movements back to basics and provide progression movement goals with every session. This ensures that even a conditioned athlete will still be challenged.
Core + Cardio
These classes specifically focus on core and short bursts of cardio. If strengthening and conditioning your mid-section is what you’re after, then this class is for you.
High intensity interval training
Take your cardiovascular fitness to that next level in this class where we use short 30 sec to 1 min bursts of working time followed by a quick period of recovery rest time.
This 30 minute session is guaranteed to help you achieve those fitness goals faster!
30 minute workout aimed to test your stamina & mental strength and increase your endurance.
Throwback Thursday
We bring back those old ‘tried and true’ SWET workouts from the past that you’ve all learned to love!
Anything goes in this class, if you want to add a little more madness to your Monday, come along for some next level HIIT.
Train Elite
These classes are designed to help you train specifically for our Elite Class (Fit Test) on Saturday mornings at 9am. We pin point and hone in on those key areas or movements that people most commonly struggle with.
If you’ve ever wanted to know what your mental and physical fitness peaks are, come and try one of these classes. In this class, you will be put through SWET’s most challenging fit tests, which we run in month-long blocks. Preparation is key. To get the most out of these classes, our ‘Train Elite’ classes are designed to condition you for these tests.

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